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What is this?

Liverpool C-Card/ RU Ready? Is a condom distribution scheme for young people to receive free condoms. It takes place in young person friendly environments (places you might go regular) offering confidential advice and support with your sexual health. It provides individuals, partners and small groups of friends the opportunity to take part in a condom teach, showing how to put one on correctly and what to do if something goes wrong.



The scheme was developed in response to the rising rates of sexually transmitted infections (STis) and under 18 unplanned conceptions. The scheme's aim is to make condoms more accessible to young people.
The RU Ready? Message will be involved during the registration process designed to encourage young people to think about if they are really ready to have sex and the reasons they might be thinking of having sex.


Who is it for

The target age range is 16-19 year olds, but is open to other young people according to policies and training provided at every C-Card location. You don't need to be having sex or be in a relationship to sign up, you may just want to gain experience in using condoms correctly and safley so when the time comes, you are fully prepared which can help reduce and mishaps or embarrassments.

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