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  1. You need to put the condom on before any sexual contact or before the penis touches the vagina, anus or mouth.

  2. Make sure your hands are clean & free from oil (oil based products will damage condoms).

  3. Tear open the wrapper along one of the serrated edges with your hands NOT your teeth and take out the condom carefully – be extra careful if you have sharp nails or wear jewellery.

  4. Gently blow into the condom to make sure it will unroll the right way.
  1. Pinch the top of the condom with your finger and thumb to release any air and place it on the tip of the erect penis.

  2. If you put the condom on the wrong way around, take it off and throw it away and use a new one – in case it has come into contact with any pre-ejaculate or pre-cum.

  3. Roll the condom down from the tip to the base of the penis before any sexual contact.


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