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If you have had unprotected sex or believe your contraception has failed, don't panic, you can get help but you must act quickly.

Emergency contraception is available in different forms - Emergency Hormonal Contraception (EHC) and an IUD (Coil).

There are two types of EHC, one which can be taken up to 72 hours, (3 days), after sex, and one which may be effective for up to 120 hours, (5 days). However, the sooner you take them the more likely they are to work.

An IUD can be inserted up to 5 days after unprotected sex, and can remain in place if you want to use it as a long term method of contraception.
The emergency contraception pill is FREE from your doctors, sexual health clinics and walk-in centres but it will cost about £26 from some pharmacies. Your partner can not go and collect it for you as the doctor/ pharmacist may want to see you take the pill and have a conversation about looking after your sexual health.

However, some pharmacies in Liverpool are offering it for FREE providing a trained pharmacist is on site. See for full information.

Remember, if you have had unprotected sex or your contraception has failed, you might need to go for an STI test as well.
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