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1. Does a condom fit all sizes of Penises?
Condoms come in different shapes, sizes, colours, textures and flavours. They all so have latex free condoms for people with allergies. So there should be a condom to fit all types of penises but you might have to try a couple to see which ones suit you best , and to find out which is most comfortable for you and your partner!

2. Does a vagina fit all sizes of penises?
When it comes to size, shape and the way they work, you can't really compare penises and vaginas. They are very different organs. The penis, for instance, is not a muscle.,but the vagina is, and can even stretch enough to give birth!

However what is pleasurable and what is painful is different for each individual. A vagina does not have any one size: vaginas are one general way when "resting," then tend to have more room and flexibility when they get aroused. The vagina produces natural lubrication when it is aroused this can help make vaginal intercourse more comfortable, you can also used water based lubrication for extra comfort. It is important that you and your partner are both aware of what is comfortable for you.

3. Can you use a condom more than once?
No.  Each condom is only manufactured to be used once. Using two condoms at the same time is not recommended either to prevent sexually transmitted infections (STI’s), or pregnancy. In fact, "double-bagging" can increase the friction between the condoms during intercourse, making them more likely to rip or tear.
It may be reassuring to know that, even on their own, single condoms are highly reliable in preventing not only pregnancies, but also sexually transmitted infections (STIs), when used consistently and correctly. Most condom failures result from, mistakes that people make. Why not check out our link to find out how to use condoms  the correct and safe way?

4. Can you get pregnant if you have sex standing up?
Yes, You can. There are many myths around the fact that you can’t get pregnant standing up. It only takes a single sperm out of around 150 million that is produced each day to fertilize the egg, they are good swimmers and they can swim up stream!


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