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5. Can you get pregnant the first time you have sex?
Yes, you can. It only takes a single sperm out of around 150 million that is produced each day to fertilize the egg, they are good swimmers and it is their job to fertilize the egg!

6. If all my friends have had sex and I am a virgin does this mean that I am gay?
No, the average age in the UK for people who have had lost there virginity is 16.  Lots of people mature differently mentally and physically and this can be to do with your genetic make up or the environment and people around you. It is important that you never feel pressured in to having sex.  Having sex with someone doesn’t mean you are straight or gay.  Everyone’s sexuality is different whether it be gay, straight, lesbian or bi, as feelings, attraction and emotions will change. Don’t follow the crowd and try to lose your virginity. Your virginity is something that should be respected, cherished and shared with your partner!

7. Will my parents find out if I go to the clinic?
No, Doctors, nurses and other health workers are not allowed to give anyone, including your parents or guardians, information about you and what you say to them without your consent, except in exceptional circumstances. If you are under 16, doctors and other health professionals still have to keep what is said private. Sometimes a health worker might decide that a young person may not be  mature enough to make decisions about their treatment, but the consultation or discussion they have can still be confidential. If you are under 16 and worried about whether you will be seen in confidence, you can give the service a quick call without giving your name to ask about there policy on this.

Anyone over 16 can consent to treatment including contraception and abortion. If you are under 16 you can consent to treatment as long as the health worker believes you understand the decision that you are making. They may encourage you to involve your parents on the decision; however it is up to you whether you involve them or not. 

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