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The definition of foreplay is the sexual activity before having 'full sex'. It is not just 4 things you do before you go all the way! Foreplay can also happen without going all the way and can be a good way for you to explore each other's bodies and to learn the things you do and don't enjoy.

Foreplay should include the stimulus of all of your senses – touch, taste, hearing, sight and smell. Telling someone how sexy or lovely they look will help them become sexually aroused. Talking about the sort of touching you enjoy is a great way to find out how to please someone sexually.

Everyone will have slightly different parts of the body that are extra sensitive – known as the erogenous zones, they may not know themselves where they are so it is worth experimenting on where and how you touch each other. As with all forms of sexual activity, you both need to feel relaxed and comfortable with the activity for it to be fully enjoyed.

Taking time to discover what your partner likes and what turns them on will make the whole sexual experience more enjoyable for both of you.

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